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Digital Amigo is a broad based provider of computer services. This includes photo restoration, artwork, colourisation of black and white images, image manipulation, desk top publishing, web site design, CD writing and backup, computer aided drafting (CAD) and tuition. Additional services, such as photo image transfer to video tape and putting the sounds of vinyl records onto CD disks are outsourced to a colleague, John Bennett. (See Guest Spot).

Digital Amigo's approach to business is to break down the barrier that sometimes exists between client and business and involve the client as much as possible in the process. For example, clients appreciate being able to make suggestions when the artwork is being done...and all the while drinking a cup of free tea or coffee!

Emphasis also, is on DIY. If for example, a large number of photos are to be restored then the work is sometimes shared with the client, with tuition in scanning and photo restoration provided, if required.

A brief elaboration of some services is outlined below:

Photo Restoration
Photo Restoration involves the digital restoration of photos, slides and negatives. The resultant images can then be printed out from a credit card size up to an A3 size (297mm by 420mm). These images are then put onto a CD.  A free viewer program is always provided with your CD.

A common request is for a large number of slides to be scanned and restored then put on to CD.   Restored images of photos can be added to this CD thus creating a series of images that could cover a person's life.
(See  The Process  in Photo Gallery).  

This work mostly involves the creation of montages and collages where the input images are often restorations or colourisations of old photos.

Colourisations are in high demand. Although much of this work is thoughtful guess-work, the results add sparkle and give life to tired old photos.

Desk Top Publishing
We do brochure and flyer designs plus small print runs of 1500 or so leaflets at very competitive rates.

Web Site Design
Web design (in the Digital Amigo tradition) involves close consultation with clients and, if required, a sharing of the work such as regular site updates etc.    

CD Backup
This is a service where a person from this office will drop around to a client, transfer the info from their computer onto a zip-drive or laptop and later write this info onto a CD.

For examples of the work done see Photo Gallery and Drafting

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