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Nearly all the images shown in these galleries are set up for the "swap picture effect".
That is, if you move the cursor (or pointer) over the image there will be a change of effect.
However, if your browser is earlier than Internet Explorer Version 4.0 or Netscape Navigator Version 4.0, these changes will not be visible to you.

Gallery 1

Colourisations of a family photo and of a couple. Can you pick a person common to 
both photos?

Gallery 2

Colourisation examples of two historical photos taken by a professional photographer ...thanks to Lyall Ford.

Gallery 3

An example of an "impossible" restoration and its colourisation and two examples of image manipulation.

Gallery 4

These three restorations are of photos taken with a $5  "elcheapo" instamatic camera in Viet Nam during 1971.

Gallery 5

A restoration of an old family photo. The other example shows the elimination of a red area caused by accidental exposure.

Gallery 6

A wedding photo restored and given a variety of backgrounds. Another wedding  photo becomes a music CD cover.

Gallery 7

The restoration of an old MG, the colourisation of an old passport photo and
an image manipulation of a wedding photo.


The Process

A computer and scanner are used to make an image of a photo, the fade is removed, the colour enhanced and the spots, stains and crease marks are eliminated from the image. Once this image is restored to an acceptable standard, photo quality prints can be produced.

  However, these prints will also deteriorate over a period of time.

  A solution to this problem is to archive images onto a compact disk. Disk manufacturers Kodak and Verbatim have estimated that these images will be safe for at least 100 -125 years, if given due care. And remember, these images can be printed out from the CD at any time.

  A happy alternative, also, is to view them from a computer monitor. With the right software it is possible to view each image individually and magnify if you want, or set up a slide show of your images. Each CD can contain up to 1500 images, therefore a slide show could last an hour or so.

  So, if you have photos, slides or negatives and want them archived and/or restored and/or printed, then please contact us. 

  Please note, picture clarity of the photos shown in the galleries above can depend on characteristics of your monitor.       

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