Rebuilding the Givens Street footbridge over Moody Creek, Westcourt

As we head to a mother of all bun-fights between cyclists and motorists about the cycleway on the esplanade, we must not lose sight of the "major prize". That prize is for a safer and easier passage from home to the work place and back again for those who wish to ride a bike.

For a number of years, I've been part of a group of people trying to get the Cairns Regional Council to rebuild the Givens Street footbridge over Moody Creek in Westcourt. If you look at the attached photo of a CRC sign, you will notice a drawing of the proposed bridge. You will also notice, written on the sign, a promise that construction would start by May 2012, weather permitting. This sign was taken down by the present CRC some time ago. The reasons: The bridge is too expensive to build, and "hoons on bikes" would use the bridge as an escape route after they committed their crime.

Both these problems could be resolved by using a little imagination. The engineers could look at a less expensive design, such as using a truss lattice bridge to support the footbridge rather than the concrete pylons as shown in the attached photo. And if the "hoons on bikes" are such a problem as claimed then why not place CCTV on top of the bridge so that it is easier for the Police to apprehend them.

This bridge is important for cyclists from the west who wish to cycle to the CBD.
If you click the link below and go to "City Earlville Bikeway Map" and open a PDF file there (812 Kb), you will notice that this lack of a bridge over Moody Creek will discourage many cyclists to the west of it, from using this important artery to the City.
Cycling Directory

Therefore, cyclists should not forget the "major prize" mentioned at the beginning, that is, give our support for Cairns to be a much more cycle-friendly city than the
one at present.

And importantly, motorists should consider an obvious fact: the more people who peddle rather than drive to work, the greater the chance of finding a parking spot!