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Cycling & Issues


Maps for around the Cairns Area

City Earlville Bikeway Map
(NOTE: No attempt by the CRC to rebuild the Given's Street
has been made despite emails to them)
Questions to the CRC about the Mann Street Cycleway

Cycle Map Cairns CBD

CBUG Scenic Bike Tours
Esplanade to Mangroves
Esplanade to Botanic Gardens
Esplanade to Machans Beach
Stratford-Freshwater Circuit
Barron River
Crystal Cascades
Northern Beaches
Lake Morris Road


Issues & Downloads

Road Rules for Cyclists
(in plain English & at A4 size. Also see TMR's site)

The Copenhagen Lane along Mulgrave Road

Feedback for the Cairns Southern Cycleway Project

Feedback for the Concept Plan of Grafton Street

The Narrow White Line of Death

Places to commit Suicide on your Bike in Cairns

Electrical Power with a Switch on/Switch off Capability

Public Transport Connection to Airport

Excellent site for bike repairs - click here

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