Do you ride a bike? Do you know what a Copenhagen cycle lane is?  

The Department of Transport and Main Roads works hard to improve the road network for all users including motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. 

The department has installed a Copenhagen lane on Mulgrave Road to improve connectivity and safety for cyclists who ride along one of Cairns’ busiest roads.

What is a Copenhagen lane?

It is a one-way or two-way off-road path for cyclists located between the footpath and the angle or parallel parking bays.  Copenhagen lanes provide accessibility and safety for cyclists. They are very common in Europe and form part of the Principal Cycle Routes around larger cities.

Where is the Copenhagen lane in Cairns?

The one-way Copenhagen lane is located on the northern side of Mulgrave Road between the Tills Street and Brown Street intersections. It was installed as part of the Mulgrave Road upgrade works. This means cyclists can ride from DFO shopping centre and cross safely  at the signals at Tills Street independent from pedestrian and motor traffic.

We want your feedback on the Copenhagen lane?

Cyclists do you already use this lane and what are the benefits?

If not how often would you consider using this lane?

Where else would you like to see a Copenhagen lane?

As a pedestrian or motorist what changes has the Copenhagen lane made for you?  

To provide comment or request further information please write to:    Public Consultation Officer,  Department of Transport and Main Roads.


GOOD HEAVENS !!  What on Earth were they thinking.
Check out the CBUG response.

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