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Trevor Hardwick B.Sc.

Trevor has had over 26 years experience in survey drafting throughout Queensland. His introduction to CAD was in 1985 when he was involved in the digital mapping project of the Town Planning Department in the Brisbane City Council using the Intergraph computer system. Presently, he drafts a wide variety of plans for Surveyors. This includes all types of cadastral, as-constructed, DTM (digital terrain modelling), disclosure and lease plans, subdivisional design and proposed plans to Local Authorities.

Before joining MCS Drafting in 2003, Trevor ran a business, Digital Amigo, which had a computer graphics slant. Consequently, he has gained a high level of proficiency in a number of computer programs such as PhotoShop, ImageReady, PageMaker, DreamWeaver, FrontPage, IrfanView and others. In addition, Trevor holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science degree obtained from Griffith University, Brisbane.
Recently Trevor has been expanding his services into environmental drafting, combining his CAD and computer skills with his environmental knowledge.


Trevor Hardwick Cairns