The Gulf region is blessed with over 1000 species of native trees, shrubs and flowers. The Gulf's rainfall is often in excess of 600 millimetres per year and usually higher in northern areas.

There are rippling expanses of green grasslands, almost two dozen species of mangrove rising from the tidal mudflats, hardy blackwoods and snappy gums out on the spinifex hills, cluster-fig giants and Leichhardt pines shading cool waterholes.


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Natural Values
The Gulf has many natural values of great conservation significance. Unlike nearly all the catchments of southern Australia, the rivers of the Gulf have remained free of the worst impacts of dam building and land clearing. More...

Migratory Birds
The Gulf region is a very important site for migratory wader birds. More than 22 species of wading shorebirds and waterbirds visit the Gulf each year as part of their epic journeys across the globe. More..

Gulf country under threat
Recently there has been increasing pressure to establish irrigated crops such as cotton across northern Australia, including the Queensland part of the Gulf. More...




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